Ozark River Portable Sink - Bad product


The product I ordered was to meet the sanitary regulations. What I thought would solve the problem only increased my headache.

First of all the people in the company delivered the product way later than the promised date. I almost got my business closed. Secondly, the product arrived damaged on the bottom with one wheel dislodged from the sink. When I tried to make a complaint, the lady who picked the phone, would only blame the transport and would not talk about replacement or repair.

Instead I was told to pay extra freight charge if wanted a new sink. Very bad experience.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Toney, Alabama, United States #1326990

I purchased a sink from Ozark River a while back and it works great! Double thumbs up!

Laramie, Wyoming, United States #816789

This sink has very little water pressure and it takes a long time to warm up. by the time it warms up I'm done washing my hands.

I followed the instructions for freeze protection but it froze and broke anyway. when i tried to return it they said it had to be in the original packaging and can not have been used. in order to replace the defective part i have to buy a whole new on demand water heater. I priced the parts and they.

were very inexpensive.

it seems to me that they build the sink for about three or four hundread dollars then add a couple thousand dollars onto them to make them seem special. I would have been better off buying a bucket and using that as a sink as opposed to spending 1475$ :(

to victim Smyrna, Tennessee, United States #1108791

Hi Victim,

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Please visit us online at ozarkriver.com or call 1-866-663-1982 and talk to our customer service center so they can resolve your issue. Ozark River Portable Sinks are the standard in portable hot water hand washing and stand behind out products and our customers.

to Anonymous Lompoc, California, United States #1264297

Wow what a crappy response. If it is in fact the company... low to no class.

to victim Yulee, Florida, United States #1326988

Hey, I bought an Ozark River Portable Sink last November and I only had good experiences. The product is great and the hot water is quick and good to have.

Compared to other mobile sinks, to which I have purchased before the Ozark Unit, it is state of the art.

They do a great job with their customer service and have a really reliable product. They kept my daycare in business.

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